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Title: دور الاستثمار الأجنبي المباشر في التنمية الاقتصادية دراسة حالة الصين
Authors: بن عباس حودي
Keywords: FDI
economic development
Issue Date: 19-Jan-2014
Abstract: This study reveals about the rôle of FDI in China's economic development during the reform era, through the analysis of various available data and calculating some indicators. the study concluded that the policies that Chinese government has taken and the advantages of China's economy, especially the breadth of the market and the low of the Wages have played a major role in attract the large volume of FDI flows, the latter played an important role in the economic development, both through the promotion of Chinese exports, in terms of quantity, quality and diversity, and the spillover effects of this role to the Chinese economy, especially in improving the position of the balance of payments. and in addition to contributing to the accumulation of domestic capital, FDI firms have also contributed in the local economy through increased employment and the transfer and diffusion of technology and skills, although that the diffusion of technology was relatively limited. However, the negative impact of FDI, represents an increase in regional disparities, where the focus in the eastern coastal region, and thus its effects were concentrated in this region.
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