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Title: دور تحرير التجارة الخارجية في ترقية الصادرات خارج المحروقات في ظل التطورات الدولية الراهنة
Authors: حمشة عبد الحميد
Keywords: Liberalization of foreign trade
trade policy
foreign trade
non-oil exports
the current international economic developments
Issue Date: 19-Jan-2014
Abstract: The development of exports out of hydrocarbons in the oil-exporting countries is a supportive essential element for economic growth because of its positive effects on the trade balance , the balance of payments and the total income. also the exports are The main component of the earnings of the country's foreign currency. Algeria as a developing country and oil exporter is trying to diversify its exports and non-Dependence on a single product to avoid the effects of economic crises, thus work to upgrade the non-oil exports by adopting mechanisms liberalization of foreign trade of the exchange rate, foreign direct investment, the mechanism of economic bloc and free zones, privatization, strengthening the private sector, reduce fiscal and administrative customs restrictions on the activities of exporting enterprises. in addition, the mechanisms rehabilitation institutions in terms of quality and competitiveness in foreign markets.
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