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Title: إستراتيجيات التكامل العمودي في قطاع الصناعة
Authors: فريك يحي
Keywords: strategy
vertical integration
industrial economy
the pharmaceutical industry
Issue Date: 19-Jan-2014
Abstract: This study aimed to highlight the impact of a vertical integration strategy of the Complex SAIDAL competitiveness which is characterized by leadership in the pharmaceutical industry in Algeria . Because it dominates over 65  of the market share of the total domestic production that doesn't cover the drug of 52  of the needs of the Algerian market in the direction that 72  is imported from abroad leading the Complex SAIDAL to a challenge of fierce competition and require the activation of any competition , whether modern or using strategies to increase efficiency, quality and innovation, and gain additional customers to achieve new competitive advantage. Moreover , the results obtained by vertical integration strategies show a positive impact on the Complex SAIDAL competitiveness if applied correctly and time chosen appropriately , which would bring additional revenue . The previous vertical integration strategies are best suited to Complex SAIDAL so as to provide multiple stations sale and distribution throughout the country and increase its market share, and to improve the competitive position locally and internationally.
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