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Title: واقع التكتلات الاقتصادية الإقليمية الجديدة في ظل الأزمة المالية الراهنة
Authors: سكينة حملاوي
Keywords: globalization
new regionalism
the financial crisis
The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership
Issue Date: 19-Jan-2014
Abstract: Witnessed the international economic environment ،especially in the nineties the growing phenomenon of Regional Economic Integration modern Regionalism Orientation Regional Economic Integration to the new Regionalism, economic integrations alternative Wave traditional link between developed countries and Developing Countries following economic entities encounter severe Financial Crisis Moved to the real sector came following study to Monitor the challenges Of following economic Integration trans-regional and Continental ، with a focus on the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership especially the Maghreb countries which held that integrate economics with the European Union following The failure of Regional Economic Integration alternatively ،this may be an effort to achieve development and Reforms and the development of the Structure of their economies to Integrate into the economy world ،and stand on the effects of Financial Crisis on the following partnership.
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