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Title: دور المناخ الاستثماري في الدول العربية في جذب الإستثمار الأجنبي المباشر دراسة حالة الجزائر للفترة 2010/2002
Authors: عمر يحياوي
Keywords: Algeria
climate investment
foreign direct investment
Doing business environment
Issue Date: 19-Jan-2014
Abstract: A considerable interest in foreign direct investment has been recently in creased wich coincided with the state's role in economy decline in economy and its inclination towards market's mechanism,Many countries seek to provide an appropriate climate to investments in the light of the existing challenges and the need to adapt with the current global developments;starting in globalization,the emergence of the world trade organization,existence of the regional blocs,and ending in the current global crisis, All these have influenced upon a lot of economies Many arab countries have adopted economic reforms and the most convenient economic policies to cope with these changes,Furthermore,they have improved legislations and worked to create a solide institutional frame work so as to attract as much foreign direct investment as possible,Algeria has expressed a strong desire to bring the FDI through providing an appropriate climate to it,It also has adopted new economic reforms as well as has provided the required political stability and security,In addition,it has established laws and has participated in promotional events in order to promotional events in order to promote economic economic growth.
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