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Title: اقتصاديات الحجم كعائق لدخول السوق - دراسة حالة مؤسسة الإسمنت عين التوتة ـ
Authors: فرحاني الزهرة
Keywords: Market structure
barriers to entry
economies of scale
Structural barriers
strategic barriers
Issue Date: 19-Jan-2014
Abstract: The barriers to entry are one of the dimensions of the structure of the industry and therefore have an impact on the degree of competition in the market, which makes it imperative for firms wishing to enter the market to knowing the quality of the obstacles in the sector and the degree of power thus Incumbents firms should keep their profits and market share by preventing potential entrants either using the advantages possessed by the firms as economies of scale or the absolute cost advantages and for their products or discrimination strategies taken by vertical integration and advertising and pricing (limit price or pricing predatory) firms are also required to know the obstacles to exit before thinking of entering the market That Incumbents firms could achieve economies of scale and can be used to prevent the entry of competitors into the sector, the cement sector in Algeria has got several barriers to entry and as Cement Society of Ain Touta , like other firms trying to maintain its position in the cement market by placing obstacles in the face of potential rival.
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