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Title: - دور السياسات التجارية في تفعيل الاتفاقات التجارية الإقليمية و الدولية - دراسة حالة الجزائر و اتفاق الشراكة الأورومتوسطية
Authors: فيروز سلطاني
Keywords: International trade
trade policies
regional trade agreements
international trade agreements
the Euro
Mediterranean Partnership
Issue Date: 19-Jan-2014
Abstract: The contemporary global trends towards global openness through integration into the new global trading system represented in the new World Trade Organization, and towards economic blocs, necessity of the face of global competition for the acquisition of new markets by liberalization the regional or international trade of all the restrictions, through the use of trade policies that have contributed significantly to the success of these agreements, and the latter became more credible, therefore this study came to know the role of trade policies to make regional or international trade agreements more effective in the field of International trade. this study focused on a type of regional trade agreements represented in the Euro-Mediterranean partnership between Algeria and the European Union,this latter who found himself in front of one option is the Mediterranean after the established U.S. conglomerates with the countries of North America, this partnership, which is founded on the establishment of a free trade area between them, and then find new outlets for discharge the products .
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