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Title: -التكامل العمودي و المزايا التنافسية للمؤسسة الصناعية - حالة مؤسسة سونطراك
Authors: حران عبد القادر
Keywords: Industrial Economy
vertical integration
industry structure
competitive advantage
value chain
Issue Date: 19-Jan-2014
Abstract: This study aims to shed light on both the vertical integration and competitive advantage as one of the variables that fall within the industrial economy and determine the competitive advantages of the industrial company caused by vertical integration has, in projection on Sonatrach, to clarify the parameters and trends of vertical integration in Sonatrach, through analyzing of its structure and activities and to highlight the competitive advantages of Sonatrach, which derive from its activities in general, and the competitive advantages obtained by the structure of which is characterized by a degree of vertical integration. Where this study concluded that there are several competitive advantages for Sonatrach of which is the result of the integration of its activities vertically, as this depends on the exploitation of competitive advantages of the benefits of enterprise Sonatrach vertical integration, especially forward integration, which is characterized by high profitability and the lowest cost .
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