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Title: دور التجارة البينية في نمو الصناعة التحويلية في دول المغرب العربي خلال الفترة 1995-2010
Authors: عادل زغدي
Issue Date: 19-Jan-2014
Abstract: The world economy witnessed many developments, the main one has been the emergence of globalization, and the establishment of the new world Economic order, through the creation of the World Trade Organization that aims abolish of the trading restrictions between countries. Furthermore, the Arab world witnessed many developments, such as the establishment of the Arab Maghreb Union in order to achieve the economic integration and the interchange of trading and resources between these countries and other countries within the Arab world. On this basis, the present study attempted to highlight as much as possible the role of bilateral trading in the development of the transformation industry in the Arab Maghreb countries for the years 1995 – 2008. The study is based on a basic assumption stipulating that the Muitilateral trading is a supporting and important factor in the development of the transformation industries between the Arab Maghreb countries to allow them competing with and imported manufactured commodities or foreign industries. The study relied on the analytical descriptive methodology that is appropriate with the study and the analysis of the problem nature it tackled
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