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Title: أثر تطورات أسعار النفط خلال الفترة 2000-2010 على الاقتصاديات النفطية
Authors: جامع عبد الله
Keywords: Oil
Oil Markets
Oil Prices
Oil Economies
Linear Regression
Issue Date: 19-Jan-2014
Abstract: This study discuss with the field of oil, where we deal with the properties of oil commodity, then we discuss the characteristics of oil industry, then to the oil market by analyzing the determinants of both supply and demand, and then with the difference between the physical oil market exchange and oil derivatives market, and the mechanism that links them together Under the current market situation, and the phenomenon of speculation and its impact on the oil market. This study also follows the formulation stages of oil economies, from the traditional concession agreements and the monopoly of the majors, then the phase of adjustment of the old concession agreements with jointly profit terms, then the phase of participation of production, and finally oil contractor agreements, and the control of oil economies on its oil industry. Then the stages of oil prices movement and its impact on oil economies in each stage of price developments. This study also addressed the case of Algeria during the last decade, aiming to show the impact of oil prices on the Algerian economy, by modeling the relationship between oil prices and some economic aggregates, using simple linear regression analysis, during the period 2000-2010.
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