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Title: المناطق الحرة العربية و دورها في تنمية التجارة العربية البينية
Authors: لبعل فطيمة
Keywords: inter-Arab trade
Arab integration
Arab Free Zones
Free Zone
the joint Syrian-Jordanian
Issue Date: 20-Jan-2014
Abstract: This research study the development of inter-Arab trade, which focused the efforts of Arab integration to ensure its freedom and its development without realizing it due to several constraints. we constructed our study the following problem : : What is the role of the Arab free zones in the development of inter-Arab trade? based on the problem at hand, we suppose that the joint Arab free zones one of the mechanisms that can contribute in some way in the development of inter- Arab trade and after the study we have reached these results: - The reality of inter-Arab trade which does not exceed 10% integration reached by the Arab countries. -the free zones joint to facilitate the procedures and give advantages of administrative and financial investors from both countries to encourage investment and promote trade between the two countries in the establishment of the zone, and on the other hand we found that the free zone joint Syrian-Jordanian with the centers to ease customs procedures and provides incentives for investors tend to reduce the margin costs, and is reflected by its activity in a positive way to other economic sectors associated with this investment activities of two states. while the Syria-Jordan trade is low despite its improvement obviously.
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