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Title: Contribution à l’étude d’assemblage par brasage des Composants Électroniques sur les circuits électroniques
Authors: KEBABI Amina
Issue Date: 20-Jan-2013
Abstract: The electronics solder joints fulfill three essential functions; they ensure the electric, thermal, and mechanical bonds. The principal parameters which lead to the failure of these joints are: the microstructure of solder alloy, and the thermal fluctuations which can be to bind to the cyclic heating of the components at the time of cycle work/stop. Therefore the objective of this work is the study of the aging time effect on the microstructure and microhardness of Sn-37Pb solder. Therefore, for this goal, we have used the following experimental means: optical microscopy, electronic scan microscopy SEM, the XRD, and the micro hardness measurements. We have observed that the microstructure and hardness vary during aging treatments at 60 and 100°C
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