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Title: سبل ومتطلبات اعتماد وتطوير التجارة الالكترونية في الجزائر
Authors: محمد قريشي
عادل بومجان
Issue Date: 23-Jan-2014
Abstract: From decades, The world is experiencing rapid changes and transformations, especially those transitions from traditional commerce to the Electronic-commerce (E-commerce) which caused a real revolution in the worlds trade. In fact, E-commerce represents a new type of business patterns at the global level where capital determinants were modified and geographical borders were removed during this information age and modern technology era. Consequently, it becomes imperative for the economic units, that seek to strengthen theirs competitive positions, to adapt theirs structures to the electronic environment. The volume of E-commerce increases significantly from 7 trillion dollars in 2004 and it doubles every year. This leads many countries over the world, including arabic countries, to pay more attention to the E-commerce, and to establish a new plans to profit from the rapid technological development. Algeria is one of many developing countries that still knowing a significant delay in the use of electronic commerce. Henceforth, This paper came in order to shed light on the reality of electronic commerce in Algeria, and to identify ways and important requirements for its adoption effectively and its development in Algeria.
ISSN: 1187-2335
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