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Title: دور القاضي الإداري في سیر الخصومة
Authors: مریم, خیرالدین
Keywords: القاضي الإداري
سیر الخصومة
Issue Date: 30-Jun-2021
Abstract: Abstract : Litigation is a set of formal procedures stipulated by the law to initiate the case before the judiciary. It begins with the judicial claim, which is carried out by the plaintiff and proceeds with the aim of obtaining a ruling on the subject matter of the claim. In order to adjudicate the litigation, it must end with a judgment that is issued by the administrative judge. Here, his role in adjudicating it is evident. According to the Civil and Administrative Procedures Law 08-09, the role of the administrative judge is positive Sometimes the judicial ruling is not implemented by the administration, which is an old phenomenon and not a new one, and the Algerian legislator has come up with a solution to this problem, which is the method of the threatening fine that the legislative recognition came in the Civil and Administrative Procedures Law, so that the threatening fine is a means of pressure on the administration to force it to implement judicial decisions administrative.
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