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Title: دور شرطة العمران في حماية البيئة في التشريع الجزائري
Authors: مرا د, الهيص
عب د الرحمان, زروقي
Keywords: شرطة العمران
حماية البيئة
التشريع الجزائري
Issue Date: 15-Jul-2021
Abstract: Summary : We discussed the topic of "the role of the Algerian urban police in preserving the environment", which is one of the most important issues of environment and urbanization. In the first chapter, we reviewed the legal framework of the urban and environmental police by defining general concepts of the environment, as well as the legal framework of local communities in the field of protection The environment. In the second chapter, we also touched on the urban police and their role in protecting the environment, where we referred to the nature of the urban police and environmental protection and the role of the urban police in the field of protecting the natural and artificial environment.In the end, we made several recommendations, and accordingly, the Algerian legislator should pay more attention to the field of environment and urbanization, and to amend legal texts in line with developments in society and with its requirements.
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