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Title: أحكام الحجر القضائي في التشريع الجزائري
Authors: أنفال, كحلول
صليحة, كيحول
Keywords: الحجر القضائي
التشريع الجزائري
Issue Date: 17-Jun-2021
Abstract: Abstract: The Legislature Considers Every Person Who Has Reached The Age Of Majority To Be 19 Years, He Has Full Mental Capacity To Exercise His Rights,So All His Actions Are Valid But If A Person Reaches That Age And He Was Crazy Or A Foolish Or A Scurrilous And One Of These Cases Occurred After He's Gone, He’s Quarantined, And By Judicial Interdiction We Mean To Prevent The Person The One Who Suffers From One Of The Symptoms Of Eligibility From Disposing Of His Money Temporarily By Virtue Of A Court Ruling, The Interdiction Shall Be At The Request Of A Relative Or Who Has An Interest Or From Public Prosecution, The Family Affairs Judge Has An Important Role In The Course Of The Case, As It Enables The Person To Be Interdicted To Defend His Rights, Appointed Judicial Expertice, Conduct An Investingation, And After A Decision The Judgment Is Published. As A Result Of Interdiction, The Appointment Of A Person Who Is Interdicted, Who Maybe A Guardian, Or A Custodian, Or A Certain Person In Advance Of The Judiciary, As One Effects The Eligibility Of The Interdicted, So The Actions Of The Crazy And The Foolish And Scurrilous Are Null After The Interdiction And Before The Ruling On Him If The Causes Are Apparent And Fascist At The Time Of Sentencing. However The Foolish And The Negligent They Provised Like A Mature Child, And The Judicial Interdiction May Be Lifted If Reasons Do Not Exist By The Same Sentencing Procedure Judicial Interdiction.
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