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Authors: RAJOVIĆ G
Keywords: Northeastern Montenegro
Issue Date: 25-Feb-2013
Abstract: By quantitative characteristics and accessibility for use, and much less the qualitative characteristics. The backbone of the hydrographic network by the River Lim. Lim river this paper analyzes the water-geographical values northeastern Montenegro for the community Berane, Andrejevica and Plav. Water resources comprise groundwater and surface water. With valorization aspect of groundwater, they have different meanings. Their importance is mainly designated basin covers an area of 2.557 km2. Of these, the northeastern part of Montenegro belongs approximately 1.304,1 km2which is about 51% of the total basin area. Analyzed geo area rich is lakes, mainly glacial origin. As the largest and most important stands out the Plavsko Lake, and subsequently follows: Ridsko, Visitorsko, Pešića Lake, Great and Little Šiško, great and Little Ursulovačko. Complex use of water resources as a factor of development requires the development of strategies for their use planning. Creating a strategy for the use of water resources as a factor of development, must respect technological, economic, social and political aspects.
ISSN: 1112-3680
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