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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Mar-2016A study on Multi-objective optimal power Flow under Contingency using Differential EvolutionBelkacem Mahdad; K. Srairi
18-Mar-2016Multi objective large power system planning under sever loading condition using learning DE-APSO-PS strategyBelkacem Mahdad; K. Srairi
17-Mar-2016Speed control of 816 switched reluctance motor with torque ripple reduction taking into account magnetic saturation effectsChouaib Labiod; Kamel Srairi; Belkacem Mahdad; Mohamed Toufik Benchouia; M.E.H. Benbouzid
18-Mar-2016Multi-obj ective P S O-TVAC for Environm erftallüconomic Dispatch ProblemBoubakeur Hadji; Belkacem Mahdad; Kamel srairi; Nabil Mancer
17-Mar-2016Application of a combined superconducting fault current limiter and STATCOM to enhancement of power system transient stabilityBelkacem Mahdad; I( Srairi
17-Mar-2016lnteractive DE for solving combined security environmental economic dispatch considering FAcrs technologyBelkacem Mahdad; K. Srairi
18-Mar-2016Multi-objective Economic Emission Disp atch Solution Using Dance Bee Colony with Dynamic Step SizeBoubakeur Hadji; Belkacem Mahdad; Kamel srairi; Nabil Mancer
18-Mar-2016Blackout risk prevention in a smart grid based flexible optimal strategy using Grey WolÊpattern search algorithmsBelkacem Mahdad; K Srairi
17-Mar-2016Solving practical economic dispatch using hybrid GA-DE-ps methodBelkacem Mahdad; Kamel Srairi
17-Mar-2016security optim al power flow considering loading m argin stability using hybrid FFA-PS assisted with brainstorm ing rulesBelkacem Mahdad; K. Srairi