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Title: security optim al power flow considering loading m argin stability using hybrid FFA-PS assisted with brainstorm ing rules
Authors: Belkacem Mahdad
K. Srairi
Keywords: Optim al power flow Firefly algorithm Pattern search Brainstorming process Objective functions svc
Issue Date: 17-Mar-2016
Abstract: This paper presents a new power system planning strategy which combines firefly algorithm (FFA) with pattern §earch algorithm (PS). The purpose is minimizing total fuel cost, total power loss and reducing total voltage deviation, w ith the objective ofenh ancin g th e loadin g m argin stability and con sequ ently the power system security. A new interactive and simple mechanism, inspired in brainstorming process, is proposed that allows FFAand PS algorithms to explore new regions ofthe search space. In this study the Static VARcompensator (SVC) is m odeled and integrated in an emcient location which is chosen considering the voltage stability index. The proposed algorithm is interactive ând tries to optim ize a set ofcontrol variables at the same time, namely, active power generations, voltage ofgenerators, tap transformers, and the reactive power ofshunt compensators to optimize three objective functions such as: fuel cost, total power loss and total voltage deviation. These variables are optimized using a flexible interactive and competitive search mechanism. The proposed planning strategy has been examined and applied to two practical test systems IEEE 14-Bus and IFFF 3O-Bus. Simulation results confirm the effectiveness of this hybrid strategy for solving the security optimal power flow.
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