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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-May-2014On the relationship between the stochastic maximum principle and dynamic programming in singular stochastic controlBahlali, Khaled; Chighoub, Farid; Mezerdi, Brahim
19-May-2014La porosité ouverte du béton d’enrobage: corrélation entre la résistance à la compression et l’absorption initialeMohamed Rabehi; Salim Guettala; Bouzidi Mezghiche
19-May-2014Modellingof semi-conductor diodes made of high defect concentration, irradiated, high resistivity and semi-insulating material: the current–voltage characteristicsL. Dehimi; N. Sengouga; B.K. Jones
19-May-2014Measurements of Charge Transfer Inefficiency in a CCD With High-Speed Column Parallel ReadoutAndré Sopczak; Khaled Bekhouche; Chris Damerell; Tim Greenshaw; Michal Koziel; Konstantin Stefanov; Tuomo Tikkanen; Tim Woolliscroft; Steve Worm
29-Apr-2014Experimental Study of Heat Transfer and an Effect the Tilt Angle with Variation of the Mass Flow Rates on the Solar Air HeaterFoued Chabane; Noureddine Moummi; Said Benramache; Abdallah Salim Tolba
29-Apr-2014A numerical study of the phenomena of heat transfer in plane air solar collectorsN. Moummi; C.Mahboub; A. Moummi; K. Aoues; Sabri Ali Youcef
23-Apr-2014Thermal performance optimization of a flat plate solar air heater using genetic algorithmF. Chabane; N. Moummi; S. Benramache; D. Bensahal; O. Belahssen; Z. Lemmadi
19-May-2014Radiation hardness studies in a CCD with high-speed column parallel readoutA. Sopczak, a∗S. Aoulmit,b K. Bekhouche,b C. Bowdery,a C. Buttar,c C. Damerell,d G. Davies,a D. Djendaoui,b L. Dehimi,b T. Greenshaw,e M. Koziel,a D. Maneuski,c K. Stefanov,d T. Tikkanen,e T. Woolliscrofte and S. Wormd
19-May-2014Monte Carlo simulation of the EBIC collection efficiency of a Schottky nanocontactM. Ledra; N. Tabet
21-May-2014Optimality conditions for partial information stochastic control problems driven by Lévy processesKhaled Bahlali; Nabil Khelfallah; Brahim Mezerdi