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dc.contributor.authorBACHIR ACHOUR-
dc.description.abstractThe control of an hydraulic jump by a thin wall continuous sill in a triangular channel with an aperture of 90◦ is analyzed experimentally.A relationship for the control of the hydraulic jump under any conditions of generation is presented in an adimensionnal form in order to have a general validity character. The sill effect on the stilling basin is observed and evaluated. This research has its application in the ditch irrigation with triangular shape, using the jump ability to raise the flow head plane downstream.fr_FR
dc.subjectHydraulic jumpfr_FR
dc.subjectclassical jumpfr_FR
dc.subjectcontrolled jumpfr_FR
dc.subjecttriangular channelfr_FR
dc.subjectthin-crested sillfr_FR
dc.subjectsill effectfr_FR
dc.subjectstilling basinfr_FR
dc.titleRessaut hydraulique contrôlé par seuil dans un canal triangulaire Control of hydraulic jump by sill in triangular channelfr_FR
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