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Title: الحماية الدولية للطفل في ظل النزاعات المسلحة
Authors: أيمن, فارورو
كريمة, لروي
Issue Date: Jun-2022
Abstract: It has become necessary to protect children from the danger of armed conflict, by not targeting them or exposing them to any military actions, as a number of international charters and declarations grant children wide-ranging protection. In the event of any armed conflict, children benefit from the general protection granted to civilians, and accordingly, They are guaranteed humane treatment, and children also benefit from special protection as children who need protection in particular during armed conflicts, and their rights and freedoms are guaranteed to be protected. Despite this protection granted to this category, they are subjected to various grave violations due to their young age and weakness, and among these violations against them are “child recruitment” and “child sex trafficking”, which are considered crimes against children, according to the International Criminal Court system and Which in turn works to follow up and investigate these cases and impose deterrent penalties in order to limit the spread of these crimes.
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