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dc.contributor.authorO. HERIHIRI-
dc.contributor.authorA. GUETTALA-
dc.description.abstractThe concept of energy in the building supports the use of materials characterized by their performances of thermal insulation containing the valorization of local materials. Algeria is a hot country. In summer constructions need materials of heat insulation. The expanded polystyrene it is a material air-conditioner, which absorbs the excess of heat during the day. in summer, It offers a dry space and confortable: it eliminates the moisture which can condense on the walls. This material is also respectful to environment. Polystyrene is an ecological product, it is certainly not biodegradable. But it can be recycled. This work represents the results from the physical and mechanical side, then we have formulated a series of the expanded polystyrene Concrete, the method of formulation of the lightweight expanded polystyrene concretes is based on the replacement of natural sets by the complementary volume of artificial sets according to percentage quite selected, thus we have varied the ratio E/C in order to have its effects on the rheological, physical and mechanical properties such us : subsidence, density and resistance (compression, flexion and tensile). The obtained results of physico-mechanical characterization of the expanded polystyrene concretes show the importance of the process of formulation adopted, especially, for the manufacture of insulating building elements and insulting carriers.en_US
dc.subjectlightweight concreteen_US
dc.subjectthermal propertiesen_US
dc.subjectthermophysical propertiesen_US
dc.titleInnovating building materials and relevant criteria for the improvement of durabilityen_US
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