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Title: الدلالات السيكوسوسيولوجية لبعض سلوكات العنف خلال ممارسة النشاط البدني والرياضي التربوي من وجهة نظر الأستاذ والتلميذ - دراسة ميدانية بثانويات مدينة باتنة -
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: This study aimes to know the forms and behaviors of violence which is deployed during school sport activity. or what we call it in the title of the study sports violence in school. in hight school in batna. and to know the degree of its appearance and legitimacy from the point of view of the teacher and the student. and between the student in effect of sex detreminants, education level, and between the three institutions. then to extract the psycosocial sign of each behavior according to the interpretation of both teacher and the student. for the reasons of its occurrence. The sample of the study was in the teacher of physical education teachers (30 teachers) 55.55% of the study population (city of batna ). And 217 students from the three high schools and by estimated rate 12.52% of the study population as well . we reached through the application of search tools (note, observation, and the interview) to the following results: * The spread of several forms of violence before, during and after practice sport activities * Each behavior of the symbols of the psycosocial according to the interpretation of both the teacher and the student for the reason of occurrence
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