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Title: Study of glass formation in the Sb2O3–PbO–MnO ternary system
Authors: M. Nouadji
A. Attaf
R. El Abdi
M. Poulain
Keywords: Antimony oxide; Mechanical properties; Optical properties; Crack analysis
Issue Date: 18-Apr-2014
Abstract: Vitreous systems based on antimony oxide Sb2O3 have been investigated. The influence of MnO substitution on the mechanical and physical properties in the (80 − x)Sb2O3–20PbO–xMnO and (70 − x)Sb2O3–(30 − x)PbO–2xMnO systems has been studied. Vickers hardness, density, molar volume, Young modulus, glass temperature transition, infrared and UV transmission spectra depend on the MnO concentration. Crack analysis of the glass surface under indentor deformation shows the tenacity changes according to concentration of the MnO. Link
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