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Title: Effect of the position and the number of broken bars in an Asynchronous Motor Stator Current Spectrum
Authors: A. Menacer
S. Moreau
A. Benakcha
M. S. Naît Saïd
Issue Date: 21-Apr-2013
Abstract: The asynchronous motor has an interest in applications of strong powers requiring the variation speed. However, it is not, like any other electric machine, safe from a dysfunction in consequence of failure of an electrical or mechanical nature. Among these rotor defects, we can quote a fissure or a total break of bar, a rupture of end ring circuit, an eccentricity of the rotor axis... In this paper, we use a technique based on the spectral analysis of stator current in order to detect a break down or a defect in the rotor. Thus, the number and the position effect of the breaks has been highlighted. The effect is highlighted by considering the machine supplied directly through a balanced three-phase network. Index Terms- broken rotor bar, asynchronous motor, modeling, diagnostic, broken bars position, stator current.
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