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Title: TVAC based PSO for Solving Economic and Environmental Dispatch considering Security constraint
Authors: Ahmed Salhi
Djemai Naimi
Tarek Bouktir
Keywords: Degree of Satisfaction; Economic and Environmental Dispatch; Fuzzy Set Theory; Particle Swarm Optimization; Time Varying Acceleration Coefficients; Voltage Profile Index.
Issue Date: 21-Apr-2014
Abstract: This paper presents Multi Objective Optimization for Economic and Environmental Dispatch (EED) problem considering security constraint described by Voltage Profile Index (VPI). The fuzzy set theory is used for the modeling of uncertainties about objective functions in the practical environment of poorly defined data. In the beginning, each objective function is optimized independently with an extraction of minimal and maximal values for each one. The membership functions are defined, fuzzy set theory is used to formulate the new standard nonlinear problem and max-min operator for maximizing the Degree of Satisfaction (DS) of all membership functions and to get Pareto solution. Conventional Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) and Time Varying Acceleration Coefficients (TVAC) based PSO methods are used to solve the problem and demonstrating the effectiveness and capability of the second method over the first one. For both algorithms, IEEE 30 bus test system is applied to verify objectives cited above.
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