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Title: Improvement of Transient Stability of Algerian Power System Network with Wind Farm
Authors: Djemai Naimi
Tarek Bouktir
Ahmed Salhi
Keywords: Wind power penetration; Algerian Power system; Transient stability; STATCOM; Wind turbine.
Issue Date: 21-Apr-2014
Abstract: Although Algeria is ranks fourteenth country in proven petroleum reserves, Algeria is Conscious of the need to face its environmental problems and anxious to take part in the fight against the climatic change. It is in this optic that the Algerian government creates Funds earmarked for a renewable energy supplied from 0.5% of petroleum rental. While solar energy remains the main focus of efforts to boost production from renewable energy, Algeria is looking at wind power by several projects, which will be integrated in the Algerian network. The main objective of this research work is to investigate the power quality issue to the transient stability problem caused by the wind power connection and consequently the enhancement of the rate of the wind power penetration limit without overloaded line and with an acceptable voltage level ensured by integration of flexible Ac transmission system (FACTS) device such as Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM). Furthermore, in order to choose the adequate type of wind turbine, a comparative study between several types is established. It must be noted that all simulations are carried out on PSAT/Simulink. Finally, some meaningful conclusions and comments are given in this paper.
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