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Title: An Efficient Optimisation Method Based On Genetic Algorithm Applied To Reduce Greenhouse Gases in Power System
Authors: Djemai Naimi
Salhi Ahmed
Tarek Bouktir
Keywords: Greenhouse gases, Power system, emission dispatching Optimization, Genetic Algorithm, Successive Linear programming
Issue Date: 21-Apr-2014
Abstract: In order to reduce greenhouse gases caused by fossil thermal generating units in power system, this paper proposes a strategy by an emission dispatching optimization based on genetic algorithm GA and successive linear programming. The main idea of this proposed hybrid method consists to combine an evolutionary and a conventional method in order to reap profit from their both advantages. A widely known model of power system network IEEE thirty-bus test system is used to demonstrate the proposed technique. In solving the resulting optimization problems, MATLAB’s Genetic Algorithm Toolbox and MATPOWER3.2 were employed. This paper demonstrates performance improvements for this approach by comparisons with several optimization methods.
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