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Title: (2009) فعالية برنامج علاج نفسي إسلامي مُقترح في تخفيض القلق (قلق ما قبل العملية الجراحية أنموذجاً) دراسة تجريبية على عينة من لمرضى المقبلين على عملية جراحية بالمؤسسة الإستشفائية العقيد بوقرة بولاية الجلفة. Masters thesis, Université Mohamed Khider - Biskra.
Authors: زعتر, نورالدين
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: This research paper tries to shed light on the psychological effects of religious practise on anxiety reduction. The case study was anxiety that precedes surgical operations. That, the researcher ,suggests psychological treatment. That is root in the teachings of the religion of Islam (the doctrine and worships be then verbal or per formative) the treatment would take the form sessions depending on the experimental method which is deemed one of the most accurate and reliable plan ,that is of two homogeneous groups (the experimental and control).the results were measured using Anxiety test of " Spielberger" and Death Anxiety test of "Donald Templer" . the data was processed statistically using " T "test to know the significance of mean the results has born out that the discrepancy between the average of two groups is a statistic function of (0.01) level for the control group .this means the experimental group is less anxious in the scale of the study and that the independent variable (the programme Islamic) is effective in reducing the anxiety that precedes the surgical operation
Description: جامعة محمد خيضر بسكرة
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