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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Jun-2020Existential Crisis and War Trauma: Psychoanalytical Reading of Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for GodotMEKHLOUFI, Rania
20-Jun-2020Subversive Masculinity in Elif Shafak’s “Honour”ARIECH, Fatima Al Zahra’a
20-Jun-2020Romanticizing Murderers in Truman Capote’s In Cold BloodAGGOUN, Amira
20-Jun-2020The Effect of (Know, Want, Learn) KWL Strategy chart in Enhancing Pupil's Reading Comprehension Skills A Case Study of Second Year English Language Students at Mustapha Ben Boulaid of BatnaDERNOUNI, Omaima
20-Jun-2020The Role of Blended Learning Approach in Fostering English as a Foreign Language Learners’ Engagement The Case of Second Year LMD Students at Mohammed Khider University of BiskraCHETTI, Khaoula
20-Jun-2020The Role of Genre-Based Approach in Developing EFL Learner’s Reading Comprehension Case Study: First Year LMD Master Students of English at Biskra UniversityREZZAG LEBZA, Chayma
20-Jun-2020Exploring the Efficiency of Teaching English Language to Algerian Very Young Learners in Enhancing their Future Performance Case of Mama Zhour Kindergarten BiskraCHABBI, Hassina
20-Jun-2020Implementing Grammar-Based Flipped Classroom to Improve English Foreign Language Learners’ Writing Skill : A Case Study of BACHA School BeginnersDALI ALI, Ramia
20-Jun-2020Investigating Gender Differences in the Use of Lexical Hedges among Algerian EFL Students The case of third year students at Biskra UniversityDJAFER, Rokia
20-Jun-2020Evaluating the Use of First Language in the English Language Classroom Case Study of a Second Year Pupils Middle School, Biskra.Anede, Chams Edhouha