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Title: Etude de l’influence des rugosités artificielles sur les performances thermiques des capteurs solaires plans à air
Authors: K. Aoues
N. Moummi
A. Moummi
M. Zellouf
A. Labed
E. Achouri
Keywords: Capteur solaire - Transfert thermique - Convection forcée - Rugosités cylindriques - Corrélations
Issue Date: 8-May-2014
Abstract: A mathematical model that allows the determination of the thermal performances of the single pass solar air collector is developed. The model can predict the temperature profile of all the components of the collector and the air stream in the channel duct. Into the latter are introduced the cylindrical roughness, which increase the thermal heat transfer between the absorber plate and the fluid. The cylindrical roughness, mounted in two configuration (Aligned and staggered rows), are oriented perpendicular to the fluid flow and they are placed underside of the absorber plate. They characterized by high heat transfer area per unit volume and generate the lows pressure losses. Link
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