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Title: Le rafraîchissement par la géothermie : étude théorique et expérimentale dans le site de Biskra
Authors: N. Moummi
H. Benfatah
N. Hatraf
A. Moummi
Keywords: Energies renouvelables - Rafraîchissement - Echangeur air/sol - géothermie.
Issue Date: 8-May-2014
Abstract: In this study we are interested in the refreshment by the geothermal science, the technique which is not exploited until now in our country. This technique, called Canadian’s well, uses air/ground heat exchanger system. In this study a theoretical and experimental analysis of the phenomenon through the modeling and the simulation of the performances of this system are carried out. The question is to know the air temperature evolution at the output of the exchanger. The temperature at the inlet of the heat exchanger tends throughout the exchanger to the ground temperature and its value depends on many parameters. Link
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