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Title: Modélisation des échanges convectifs dans le conduit utile d’un capteur solaire plan à air muni de rugosités artificielles de formes rectangulaires
Authors: F. Menasria
A. Moummi
N. Mioummi
M. Zedayria
M. Guestal
Keywords: Corrélation - Coefficient d’échange - Convection - Rugosité artificielle -Chicane, Ecoulement turbulent - Capteur solaire plan à air.
Issue Date: 8-May-2014
Abstract: The objective of this study, consists in establishing an empirical model calculation of the coefficient of thermal exchange by convection, during the air flow in a rectangular duct, whose lower plan is provided with baffles of rectangular forms laid out in quincunx. By the method of the dimensional analysis, were able to relate all the physical, thermo physical parameters, and the geometrical characteristics of the baffles, and according to the mode of flow estimated a coefficient of exchange by convection in the space of flow of the fluid. Link
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