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Title: Simulation de la température de sortie de l'eau dans un capteur solaire cylindro-parabolique dans le site de Biskra
Authors: N. Hamani
A. Moummi A
N. Moummi
A. Saadi
Z. Mokhtari
Keywords: Capteur cylindro-parabolique - Température de sortie - Energie solaire - fluide.
Issue Date: 8-May-2014
Abstract: The study of the water heating by this collector includes two essential parts: the first part relates to the numerical simulation of the inci dent solar flow in an inclined plan (the inclination angle = latitu de of place). The second part is entirely reserved to study the heat exchange of the absorbent tube to determine the outlet temperature of the fluid (water). The studied cylindro-parabolic so lar collector, contains a circular tube ‘absorbent’ with a suitable selective layer, surrounded by a glass cover locate along the focal line of cylindro-parabolic reflectors. We established a mathematical model to control the fluid temperature as well as the absorber and the glass cover temperatures. The results are calculated hour per hour of the during most of the daylight. This study has shown that there is a variation in temperature between the inlet and the outlet for the test days. The results obtained shows clearly that the outlet temperatures are a function of solar flow. Link
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