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Title: Effect of the Position and the Number of Broken Bars on Asynchronous Motor Stator Current Spectrum
Authors: Arezki Menacer
Sandrine Moreau
Abdelhamid Benakcha
Mohamed Said Naît Saïd
Issue Date: 9-May-2013
Abstract: The asynchronous motor has an interest in strong powers applications requiring speed variation. Even if it is robust, it is not saved by electrical or mechanical defects. Among rotor defects, we can quote a fissure or a total break of bar, a rupture of end ring circuit, an eccentricity of the rotor axis... In this paper, we use a technique based on the spectral analysis of stator current in order to detect a breakdown or a defect in the rotor. Thus, the number and the position effect of the breaks have been highlighted. The effect is highlighted by considering the machine supplied directly through a balanced three-phase network. Index Terms- broken rotor bar, asynchronous motor, modeling, diagnosis, stator current spectrum
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