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Title: Three-phase Series Active Power Filter to Protect Sensible Loads based on Fuzzy Voltage Controller at Distorted Supply Network
Authors: Chennai Salim
Benchouia Mohamed Toufik
Goléa Amar
Keywords: Series active power filter, Fuzzy logic voltage controller, Distorted supply network, Voltage harmonics, Sensible loads.
Issue Date: 9-May-2014
Abstract: This paper presents a three-phase three-wire series active power filter to compensate voltage harmonics perturbation for specific and sensible loads at distorted supply network. The conventional configuration is based on two-level voltage source inverter with hysteresis controller requiring a complex and a complicated mathematical model. To overcome this drawback and improve the series APF capability, a new control scheme using fuzzy control techniques is adopted in this work. Today fuzzy logic controllers are successfully employed in various industrial applications; their advantages are robustness and easy implementation. The proposed fuzzy voltage controller is designed to improve compensation capability of series active power filter by adjusting the voltage error using a fuzzy rule. The control strategy use instantaneous reactive power theory easy to implement and gives an excellent performances. The simulation is performed using MATLAB-Simulink and SimPowerSystem BlockSet Toolbox. The simulation results from complete structure including control and power circuits are presented and discussed.
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