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Title: Fuzzy Multi-Objective Optimal Power Flow Using Genetic Algorithms Applied to Algerian Electrical Network
Authors: Ahmed SALHI
Djemai NAIMI
Keywords: Fuzzy logic, gas emission, generation cost, ge- netic algorithms, optimal power ow, voltage pro_le index
Issue Date: 9-May-2014
Abstract: This paper presents a mathematical model for solving Multi-Objective Optimal Power Flow prob- lem considering uncertainties modeled by fuzzy num- bers a_ecting three objective functions given by total generation cost, total gas emission and voltage pro_le index. The presented resolution approach is based on Genetic Algorithm (GA), where the parameters of this algorithm are determined and optimized after many tests of execution. A model for analyzing trade-o_ be- tween pro_t and security constraint is developed. The probabilities of crossover and mutation optimized for GA parameters, dedicated to the presented approach are used to demonstrate a performance and e_ectiveness of the algorithm compared to other approaches mentioned in this paper. The mathematic model is applied in the Algerian electrical network for 59-bus test system.
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