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Title: Simulation des Défauts Rotoriques dans le Moteur Asynchrone avec Prise en Compte de l’Inclinaison et de l’Ouverture des Encoches – Extension de la Fonction d’enroulement Modifiée
Authors: A. Ghoggal
M. Sahraoui
S. E. Zouzou
A. Aboubou
Keywords: Machine asynchrone, harmonique d’espace, MWFA, cassures de barres, excentricité.
Issue Date: 9-May-2014
Abstract: This work deals with the modelling of the induction machine with taking into account of all the space harmonics, and with introduction of the skewing bars effects and the linear rise of the MMF across the slots. The model is established initially in the case of a constant air-gap, then in the other case where the machine presents an eccentricity of the rotor. This objective would be achieved by exploiting an extension in 2D of the modified winding function approach (MWFA). The results of simulation prove the effectiveness of the model and the error ikely to be made if the skew of the bars is neglected.
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