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Title: Comparaison de trois techniques dédiées au diagnostic des défauts rotoriques dans les moteurs asynchrones triphasés à cage
Authors: Abdennacer Aboubou
Mohammed Sahraoui
Salaheddine Zouzou
Noureddine Harid
Hubert Razik
Abderrezak Rezzoug
Keywords: instantaneous power, statoric current, Park vector, diagnostic, rotoric fault, induction motor.
Issue Date: 9-May-2013
Abstract: In this article, we present a comparison in three methods of detection of the rotor defects such as the ruptures of bars and/or of the portions of rings of short circuit in a three-phase asynchronous cage motor. The first method is based on the spectral analysis of the stator current, second is based on the analysis of the module of Park current stator vector and third exploits the spectral contents of the instantaneous absorptive power by the motor. The theoretical principles of these approaches are presented. Tests of simulation and experimentation’s make prove the effectiveness of these three methods for various degrees of severity of the defects and for various loads. We show through these results the effectiveness of the method of the stator current of the point of considering sensitivity to hardness of the defect as well as the simplicity of application.
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