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Title: Control of the DC Output Voltage of the AC/DC Converter Using Adaptive Fuzzy: Application to PMSM
Authors: M.T. Benchouia
A. Golea
S.E. Zouzou
Keywords: AC/DC converter, adaptive fuzzy logic controller (AFLC), permanent magnet synchronous machine (PMSM).
Issue Date: 9-May-2013
Abstract: The absorbed current by the converter is rich in harmonics. This provokes the disruption of the network and influences on the consumers joined to the same node. On the other hand, because of its structure and of the absence of the degree of liberty in the control, the converter consummates a reactive power. In order to minimize the harmonics of side network, several techniques of passive filtering and/or active are used. He is more economical of using some filters set in resonance to the frequency of the harmonic to eliminate. In the exercises, the passive filters have some inconveniences this who renders the delicate conception. For it, we interest us only to the active filtering. The aim of this paper is of understating the harmonics of side network and optimizing the exchange a reactive energy between the network and the converter, including the control of the power factor and the DC-link voltage using adaptive fuzzy logic controller (AFLC).
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