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Title: Simulation and Control of AC/DC Converter & Induction Machine Speed Using Adaptive Fuzzy Controller
Authors: A. Ghamri
M.T. Benchouia
M.E.H. Benbouzid
A. Golea
S.E. Zouzou
Issue Date: 9-May-2014
Abstract: This paper investigates the application of fuzzy adaptive controller to the control of induction machine speed (AFCS) and the DC-link voltage of the AC/DC converter (AFCV). The proposed controller consists of two parts: the first one, is the classical fuzzy logic controller constituted by fuzzy If-Then rules, whose inputs are the speed or voltage error, and the change of speed or voltage error, and its output is the reference torque or current . The second part is the adaptation mechanism, which adjusts the output gain of the Fuzzy controller. The gain must be adapted at every situation of the system as a function of the error and its variation. We study the robustness of the controller using simulation results for different operating modes and parameters variation.
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