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Title: Indirect Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding Mode Observer for Sensorless Induc tion Machine Drive
Authors: A. Bourek
L. Mokrani
A. Benakcha
M. Chabane
Keywords: induction motor, sliding mode, switching gains, fuzzy logic, adaptive observer, sensorless control
Issue Date: 12-May-2014
Abstract: In this paper a full state sliding mode observer for the sensorless speed control of a field oriented Induction Motor (IM), is presented. The observer switching gains are fine-tuned using fuzzy logic controllers in such manner to minimize the error between actual and estimated stator current components expressed in the stationary reference frame (α,β). It is proposed to adapt off-line these switching gains using fuzzy regulators. Then the mean values of the two tuned switching gains are used as new constant gains to perform the observer dynamics and accuracy. In fact, based on the current model of the machine, the fuzzy adapted sliding mode full-state observer is used to estimate the machine rotor flux components and speed, in particular. Simulation results are presented and discussed to show the validity and the performance of the proposed observer, in the case of two power different motors.
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