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Title: Effet du substituant nitro sur l’extraction du cuivre(II) par la N-(2-Hydroxybenzylidene)aniline.
Authors: Yacine, Kouadria
Keywords: Extraction liquide-liquide
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: In the present work, effects of nitro substituent on the liquid-liquid extraction of copper (II) with Schiff’s bases derived from N-(2-hydroxybenzylidene)aniline substuted at 25°C in chloroform. The study of the acid-base behavior of the N2HBA and N2HBNA in a biphasic system (chloroform, (water, Na2 SO4 0.33M)) showed that the acidity of these Schiff’s bases was increase in the order: N2HB2NA > N2HBA > N2HB3NA ≈ N2HB4NA The stoichiometry of the extracted species in the organic phase have been found to be CuL2. According to the position of nitro group, the extraction of copper(II) increase in the order : N2HB2NA > N2HBA > N2HB3NA > N2HB4NA
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