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Title: Développement de formulations à base de polyéthylène à propriétés ignifuges.
Keywords: LDPE
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: This study is focused on the study of formulations LDPE based to flame retardant properties. The mechanical properties and burning behavior of blends LDPE more different additives, only one combines( Sb2O3, Al(OH)3 and Mg(OH)2 )were studied and compared with those of virgin LDPE. We have the following results: -The addition of various additives in LDPE increases its hardness Shore A. - The mechanical properties of mixtures affects. -The most LDPE blends metal hydroxides have a very good fire behavior, the additive appears Sb2O3 by these flame retardant properties. -The photochemical and thermal aging strongly affects the mechanical properties of mixtures, this has been explained by the cuts channels (presence of carbonyl group characterized by FTIR)
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