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Title: قبل أن تقع الأزمة (مفهوم إسلامي)
Authors: القاضي, محمد
شعبان, أسامة
Issue Date: 28-Dec-2013
Abstract: The importance of this study arises out of the analysis and the determination of the causes of the financial crisis before it occur and from an Islamic prospective. The research study introduces Islam as the solution and as an economic alternative for the current economic human suffering. The research study discussed the following topics: First: Investment in Islam, and its constraints. Second: The study had proposed new methods in selecting between projects and feasibility studies, and also assessed the current methods, from an Islamic point of view. Third: The study had concluded that the Islamic economic concepts differ than the current economic concepts in all measures, and it recommended that we should work by using the Islamic economic rules.
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