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Title: Comparison of Measurements of Charge Transfer Inefficiencies in a CCD with High-Speed Column Parallel Readout
Authors: Andr´e Sopczak1, Salim Aoulmit2, Khaled Bekhouche1, Chris Bowdery1, Craig Buttar3, Chris Damerell4, Dahmane Djendaoui2, Lakhdar Dehimi2, Rui Gao6, Tim Greenshaw5, Michal Koziel1, Dzmitry Maneuski3, Andrei Nomerotski6, Nouredine Sengouga2, Konstantin Stefanov4, Tuomo Tikkanen5, Tim Woolliscroft5, Steve Worm4, Zhige Zhang6
Keywords: LCFI, CPCCD, CCD, charge transfer inefficiency, radiation damage
Issue Date: 19-May-2013
Abstract: Charge Coupled Devices (CCDs) have been successfully used in several high energy physics experiments over the past two decades. Their high spatial resolution and thin sensitive layers make them an excellent tool for studying short-lived particles. The Linear Collider Flavour Identification (LCFI) Collaboration has been developing Column-Parallel CCDs for the vertex detector of a future Linear Collider which can be read out many times faster than standard CCDs. The most recent studies are of devices designed to reduce both the CCD’s intergate capacitance and the clock voltages necessary to drive it. A comparative study of measured Charge Transfer Inefficiency values between our previous and new results for a range of operating temperatures is presented
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