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Title: Exploring The Role of Studying Before Sleeping Using Audio-Visual Aids in Developing Students Memorization and Recall The Case of First Year EFL Students at Mohamed Kheider University of Biskr
Other Titles: English Language Sciences of the language
Authors: Mourzagh Asma
Keywords: Audio-visual aids, memory , recall, sleep.
Issue Date: 2023
Abstract: Memory is the basis of the brain through which data is encoded, stored and retrieved when needed. Memory loss on the other hand is the inability to retrieve information that hold before. It is the case of EFL learners at Mohamed Kheider university of Biskra where they face obstacles in memorizing as well as recalling. The present study attempted to explore the role of audio-visual aids as a strategy used before sleeping that can address students' challenges in memorizing and recall their lessons as well as upgrade their motivation. For this purpose, the quantitative method approach was adopted to gather data to assess its effectiveness and to know students’ perceptions towards this strategy. To answer the research questions, one data collection tool, namely, a questionnaire was used with first year EFL learners with a sample of 25 students as volunteers at Mohamed Kheider University of Biskra. The analysis of the obtained data revealed that the implementation of audio-visual aids before sleeping as a student-centered strategy resulted in a positive impact on students’ memory in memorization effectively. They also showed interest, willingness, and satisfaction in using this strategy. To conclude, the students are recommended to integrate audio-visual materials as a new engagement strategy.
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