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Title: نوع النسق الاسري المدرك لدى المراهق المنحرف
Authors: حسيني_آسيا
Keywords: family format, adolescence, deviant behavior.
Issue Date: 18-Jun-2023
Abstract: This study was aimed at detecting and knowing what kind of family pattern a delinquent adolescent realizes, and we sought to ask the following question: What kind of family pattern is perceived in a perverted adolescent?, The study's cases consisted of three cases between the ages of 15 and 18 (middle adolescence). To answer the question raised in this study, we relied on the clinical curriculum using the case study and focused on the following clinical tools: • Note. • Half-oriented interview. • FAT Family Apperception Test. The results of the study resulted in the delinquent adolescent's family pattern being characterized by several characteristics resulting from family conflict, hierarchical authority, parental abuse, closed format, open format, cracks and imbalances within the pattern, poor recruitment, and unclear boundaries.
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