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Title: Comparison of Measurements of Charge Transfer Inefficiencies in a CCD with High-Speed Column Parallel Readout
Authors: André Sopczak, Khaled Bekhouche, Chris Bowdery, Chris Damerell, Gavin Davies, Lakhdar Dehimi, Tim Greenshaw, Michal Koziel, Konstantin Stefanov, James Walder, Tim Woolliscroft, and Steve Worm
Keywords: Charge coupled devices, position sensitive detectors, radiation damage, semiconductor detectors: characterization, silicon.
Issue Date: 19-May-2013
Abstract: Results of detailed simulations of the charge transfer inefficiency of a prototype serial readout CCD chip are reported. The effect of radiation damage on the chip operating in a particle detector at high frequency at a future accelerator is studied, specifically the creation of two electron trap levels, 0.17 eV and 0.44 eV below the bottom of the conduction band. Good agreement is found between simulations using the ISE-TCAD DESSIS program and an analytical model for the former level but not for the latter. Optimum operation is predicted to be at about 250Kwhere the effects of the traps is minimal; this being approximately independent of readout frequency in the range 7–50 MHz. This work has been carried out within the Linear Collider Flavour Identification (LCFI) collaboration in the context of the International Linear Collider (ILC) project.
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